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Mission to the Children Trip Report. January 21-25, 2019

On the 24th of January, three volunteers for Mission to the Children prepared for a Friday through Sunday mission trip into Sonora, Mexico. Our goals were to interface with Pastor Alejandro who lives and works in Altar, Mexico. Conduct three despensas with associated adult and children’s Bible studies and a baptismal, communion church service in Sasabe on Sunday. Oh, yes, one more thing: a day of BIC training for new members in Sasabe. A very busy weekend. Susan Garcia, Debbie Rader and myself, John Kramer met at Grace Lutheran in Tucson at 8:00am on Friday morning the 25th to arrive in Sasabe, Mexico at Cordero de Dios, Iglesia Luterana (Lamb of God Lutheran Church) at 10:00am to conduct a day of Bible study with seven prospective new members.


Upon arrival we found Monica, the church’s leader, getting the church set up for the Bible Information class.  Several women attended the classes, plus 4 young ladies whom John would be giving Conformation class to. They were all so welcoming! Classes were conducted by John and Susan on various topics just as they would for new members in the States. For lunch we enjoyed microwaved frozen pizza we purchased from the Tucson Walmart which we brought with us.   Susan gave a class on Marriage and family ministry, being able to share a lesson with other women on the challenges of Christian living.  She began with how the Lord established the first marriage, and how He wills for us to live out our Christian lives in the family unit.  Susan and her group talked about the challenges and difficulties  sin brought into the world and the consequences of it. They all candidly shared their struggles with unfaithfulness and even abandonment by their husbands.  They spoke about their struggles as they worked at living out their Christian faith without any kind of a male spiritual leader in the home.  In most cases they themselves have had to take on the leadership role in the home, struggle to defend their faith and provide for their young children.  These women are strong and committed, trying to  live out their lives serving their Lord, the community and their families in one of the most difficult places in Mexico.  In this one hour class, Susan had the unique privilege of getting to know these ladies, visit on many topics and share her faith with them that afternoon.


The next day we visited three villages. Susan and Debbie conducted children’s lessons in each village, me the adult lessons. We accomplished this in the villages we normally go to: Atil, Tubutama and La Reforma. We had nice groups of people, more than we had lessons for and we had to do a little improvising to make the children’s lessons last for the day. Each night we’d return to the house Mission to the Children owns in Atil, Mexico. We have comfortable bedrooms and a kitchen. Normally we have showers… but the last morning there wasn’t any water when I headed for the shower. Luckily for the ladies, they had showered early…me waiting until the last minute when I had to use some drinking water to shave with. When we drove away we saw the problem.  Water was all over the streets about a block away. A main water pipe had blown under the street shutting down water to the village.   Arriving on time in Sasabe we prepared for the baptism and church service. It was very touching in that a little 4 month old Mario received the Holy Spirit that morning! Additionally eight people received communion. Other blessings were the Bible classes we gave and the passing out of food coupons in 4 towns and sharing blankets and hand knit scarfs, hats and gloves with more than 130 people. A very productive and blessed three days! We returned to Tucson about 4:00pm that Sunday afternoon, dropping off Susan at the airport for her flight back to Portland, Oregon. Debbie picked up her car at Grace and I stayed for the 6:00pm Mission to the Children Board Meeting. It took all three of us volunteers to make the weekend a success!   Submitted by John Kramer


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