Truth [un]Leashed 

There are thousands of ways to fall away from from our loving God, but only one way to grow a deeper relationship with him-

the Means of Grace.

ONLY ONE WAY! It is for a purpose, so that we don’t have to go looking for the best way to grow closer to God. We already have it! That means studying God’s Word daily and gathering to hear it as a congregation is the highest priority for Christians.
Check out tips for developing a strong stewardship of God’s truth…

Truth Tips

  • Read your Bible daily (start with 10 mins and build from there)
  • Set aside a time each day: Make it the first thing you do, or the last thing at the end of the day. Just schedule it so it happens!
  • Kids need to be in the Word with their parents. Do devotions after dinner, before bed time or both!
  • Find a Bible reading plan. The Bible app (below) has many great options
  • Find it difficult to pay attention? (Believe me there are difficult books in the Bible). Listen as you read. The YouVersion app has audio of the entire Bible. Download it!

Service  [un]Burdened 


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The gifts we’ve been given span across a wide spectrum from being able to empathize with someone to the gift of powerfully praying for each other all the way to being able to help fix/repair/clean.
One thing is the same though. God has given us all these things to invest in his kingdom (1 Cor 12). There are more than one way to work these gifts. If you are still searching for ways, here are some starting suggestions:
Serving at Church: There are many ways to serve at church! Explore what you might like to help with by taking this survey
Community Garden Group: There is weeding and planting, yes, but there are times we go and help neighbors in need. Check it out

Time  [un]Bound

  • Below is a set of time wasters.How might you redeem your time back by fighting against them?
Failure to Delegate
Taking on too much
Poor diet/lack of exercise
All work and no play (i.e. workaholic)
Being a steward of time is an important calling God gives to his people, a calling that is easily overlooked. 
Tip: Many in planning to be stewards of our treasure sit down and review how much they can give in offerings. Consider doing the same for your time. What are you able to commit? How will you commit? Are there places you can improve upon? Use a scheduler if it helps.
For the time you’re willing to give to Crown of Life Ministry- let pastor know. There are many ways to get involved!

Insecurity [un]done (Treasures)

The Challenge
God throws down a challenge for his people. When it comes to offerings he says, “Test me in this…and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven…” (Mal 3:10). He’s challenging us to discover the great security we already have in him. He give us reason to trust him that is truly unburdening. 
Challenging ourselves to trust God in new and deeper ways can be scary, but consider how God promises to daily provide for our needs and has given us everything for our salvation.
This year our church body created “Ten for Ten”. This is a time when we are asked to make a concerted, prayerful effort to plan our regular, weekly offerings to the Lord.
We will do this as a congregation at the beginning of 2020, but if you are eager to start now, feel free to do so.