COVID-19 Update 3.23.20

Adapted Routine?

I’m glad you can’t see church right now. It’s a tangled mess of wires and adapters in an effort to convert everything online. It started simple, but when you start asking, “Why can’t a camera directly connect to my computer and why do I need a special adapter to plug a microphone in?” chaos sets in and it can happen in slow motion. It’s not a frantic chaos but a slowly unfolding chaos as we try to adapt to a different way of functioning and establish a new routine. Because we aren’t familiar with the ever changing rules of the game it can mean a lot of frustration. 
Finding routine now might be difficult, but before giving up on it, consider the consequences- you’re left with a lot of uncertainty and what needs to get done can seem daunting. Things will try to demand your attention “Right Now!” and they can end up dictating your schedule. That’s when things begin to fall through the cracks and  essential tasks like helping kids with homework or regular devotion times can get overlooked.
If there is an example of the benefits of good routine it’s  Alex Honnold. He’s the rock climber who was the first (and still only) climber in history to free solo (climb with no ropes or safety gear) the 2,900 ft El Capitan. (You can check out the documentary on it “Free Solo.”) Determined to be the first he meticulously planned how he was going to make it through the extremely dangerous climb. He practiced and practiced to the point where he knew what techniques he would uses where. He memorized how he would get through the hardest points. And when the time came he climbed the almost 3,000 ft in less than 2 hours, and did it perfectly. He did everything he could to make sure he would get through it, and his devotion to it was key. 

2 Peter 1:10  Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never fall,

It’s time to adapt our routines, this includes our spiritual routine. Sunday School and worship for the moment can’t happen as they usually do. Home life will be different with everyone sheltered in place which can make it more stressful to get anything done. Don’t let those things stop you from making your spiritual growth a part of your routine. Losing our spiritual routine can leave us as risk- for anxiety, fear, despair, anger. It can leave us at risk of falling from the sure footing of Christ’s love and his sacrifice for us, God’s promises to be with us in times of crisis. We can fall from the love of each other, and in such close quarters that’s bound to be chaos. Here are three tips to help set routine.

 1. Set the Spiritual first

Schedule in when you will be having devotions and prayers. Do it after a meal/before bed/first thing in the morning. Then schedule everything else around it.

 2. Prepare the family altar

Make this a fun and special time. Young kids might enjoy grab/pulling up the devotion, choosing a hymn to sing after. Set up for Sunday worship with candles and musician who will play the hymns online. Older kids can read the devotion and say a prayer. 

 3. Stick to the plan

Repetition establishes good routines. You and your kids are practicing holding on to Christ when it feels like you are on a cliff face. Lesson- Christ is relevant and important all the time. 
The confidence that brings will allow us to scale some monumental cliffs in our life so…
Hebrews 10:23  [We may] hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.
God’s Peace

Congregational updates

  • Thankfully, no word of any Crown of Life Family and friends having COVID-19. If you are feeling sick testing information can be found on
  • We successfully had our first online worship service. If you missed it you can watch HERE. If you are interested in helping enhance online worship give me a call. We’ll work together to make it better.
  • We have a new sign! Just in time for all the traffic coming by! Actually, a new stone base. The sign is out for repairs and might be for a while with COVID-19. Thanks to Leslie and Bob for getting it done.
  • ACTIVITY KIT- coming soon! Being stuck at home can eat at you. I’ll be sending out a kit for kids that I pray will help you parents stay sane 

City updates

  • The shelter in place order has been given. No travel except essential travel and essential jobs. 567 people in Orleans parish has contracted COVID-19 thus far.
  • Drive up testing is now available, but limited supplies mean they quickly run out. (see pic for locations)
  • Bread, Milk and eggs are some of the things being rationed at Wal-Mart. If anyone finds a stray milk cow or chickens they’re probably mine. 
  • Giving Hope food bank (13040 I-10 Service Rd. 70128) is open most days starting at 11:00am if you need food assistance. Lines are long for this, so be prepared to wait.