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Thursday Online Bible Class 7:00

What does it mean to be significant? It means much more than success or accomplishment. We discover that God has given us amazing opportunities to live a life of significance right now! In fact, he calls us to it.
This week- Significance in Church

A Community Facing Church

Crown of Life is a Church that loves our community. Throughout the year, we hold a variety of events open to everyone at any stage of their walk with Christ. From crawfish boils to service projects. Vacation Bible School to days in the Community Garden, we are sure there is something here for you! 



Weekly Blog

Serving our Church


How we participate in our church calling has the potential to impact every aspect of our life. It nourishes our spirit for joyful service in all our vocations. We begin our week refreshed in our worship and energized for the days of service ahead.
Crown of Life’s Online Bible Class begins at 7:00 on Thursday. You are welcome to logon after 6:45


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