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Outdoor Worship & Family and Friend’s day

November 1st 11:00 am


Family & Friend’s day is our first major opportunity to gather as family and friends at worship and fellowship time after.

How we celebrate may be different, but we still do it together, as a congregation. I look forward to seeing you there.

The day will begin with an outdoor service at 11:00. If you have your own chairs, please bring them.

After we will celebrate, and even with physical distance precautions, we plan to have a fulfilling family and friends day.

Please RSVP to help us plan for meals – RSVP Here



Bible Information Class

This course covers the foundational teachings of God’s Word. Students will get to challenge their view of God and the strength of his promises.
This is a 10-week course that will set the foundation for your furthered spiritual growth. 
Whether you know a lot or a little, come as you are and dive deep into God’s great promises for you!
(check the calendar to see availability)

A Community Facing Church

Crown of Life is a Church that loves our community. Throughout the year, we hold a variety of events open to everyone at any stage of their walk with Christ. From crawfish boils to service projects. Vacation Bible School to days in the Community Garden, we are sure there is something here for you! 



Weekly Blog

COVID Update 3/18/20

Those loved by Christ,

What a curious place we find ourselves in. As restrictions tighten we find it increasingly difficult to gather in our regular fashion. We thank God for our leaders who are working faithfully to “flatten the curve” and give our medical personal and communities the best fighting chance we have to minimize the impact of a highly communicable virus. God cares for us through our government and it is important, especially in a pandemic that we put aside personal opinions and for the love of our neighbors…
“submit [your]self to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established” (Rom 13:1).
The challenge for us is to live in confidence of faith and continue to encourage one another. Martin Luther went through similar circumstances during the Black Death


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