Did you see the whole thing? In many cases it’s important that you do. Would you buy a car if the seller wouldn’t allow you to see the front end of the car for some reason, or a house you couldn’t go inside? I would caution you not to. Buying something on Craigslist? Make sure you open that box to make sure there aren’t just stones in there instead of the Ipad you thought you got a good deal on.

That will be the challenge as more crooks jump on board to make a quick buck off of anyone they can. A little deception, a little sleight of hand get well-meaning people in a world of hurt. It’s usually a bad sign when the whole thing is left unrevealed. Have you noticed that’s how shows and movies so often depict something that is uncertain? It’s never fully revealed. Casper the ghost, Ghost Busters…

They look strange, that’s for sure, but then they fade off into nothing. They don’t have feet! It’s as if our imagination gives up halfway down and they are left with half/ incomplete body. What better way to tell an audience, “Something is missing!” Half an apparition floating there.
Now listen to this

Matthew 28:9

Suddenly Jesus met them. “Greetings,” he said. They came to him, clasped his feet and worshiped him.

Did you catch the vital addition to the story? It might not seem like much, but they mentioned Jesus’ feet. And they are absolutely beautiful. I don’t mean that in any attractive, weird sort of way. Just that Jesus had feet, and was standing on them is powerful. This hope that we build our live on is not some ghostly idea that floats around in our minds, or something that fades out of our imagination, or is translucent like an apparition. It’s anchored on the ground. Jesus didn’t leave anything in the grave. He went in with his whole self and he came out his whole self, feet and all! He didn’t fade away as we looked to him for hope or help. He’s there, truly he is!
Seeing the whole Christ- you see the whole promise. Death has been swallowed up in victory. Death does not sting, sin is removed. Jesus’ resurrection is for us, head to toe, We don’t need to look anywhere else for that.
We can’t see the whole Corona-virus outcome. We don’t know if we will contract it, suffer from it or even die from it. We don’t know where we stand? One thing is true, if it isn’t corona, it could be a car accident, or even old age. Death will always come, only ushered in different ways. But when Jesus is STANDING on his FEET after death! That gives us wherever we are emotionally, physically, spiritually, we know we can still cling to our Savior’s feet.
God’s Peace