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When you were called to belief you were called to belong.

Did you know that you were called to be a community? Some churches risk redundancy to remind themselves of that- “(insert any name/verb/adj) Community Church.” Congregations rightly want to be part of the neighborhood community, but the Church is already a community. Church literally means to be “called out,” out of your homes, shops, routines, to be together. We are built for each other, formed as family so that we aren’t alone. Community is so vital that we can’t even fulfill God’s purposes on our own. Never does the Bible teach us to isolate ourselves from other believers or deprive ourselves from Christian fellowship.

You’re not your own!

So while you have a very personal relationship with Christ, God never intended it to be a private one. In God’s family you are connected to every other believer, and belong to each other for eternity. Romans 12:5 says, “so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”

“Membership” has lost it’s glimmer.  You can be a member of about anything these days- a gym, grocery store rewards, even your local pool. Did you know – we have 138 members in our “Meet Up” group at Crown of Life? I haven’t met the majority of them. They are simply a name on a roll, with no requirements or expectations.

Church is not that. To Paul being a “member” of the Church means you are a vital organ of a living body, an indispensable, interconnected part of a living organism- the Body of Christ. And we sure need it! Right now we can use others rejoicing with our joys and mourning with us in our sorrows.  (Romans 12:15)

This year we have determined to consistently meet as small groups. Ms. Beverly has offered to host the first small group in Slidell  January 29th in the evening for all the MS/and Northshore folk. Our New Orleans East group will start up again soon! You all are vital to our community at Crown of Life “Community” Church (community is implied) and we pray we can join together as a body in ever increasing “membership.”


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Brief Council News:

  • Council
    • Current Councilmen: Mike Phelps (President), Rick Tallant (VP), Isaiah Prater (Secretary), Lee McKinney (Financial Secretary)
    • Leaders discussed how to best relay the financial  status of our congregation. The financial secretary has determined to simplify the reporting process to make sharing information as clear as possible
    • An A/V committee has been formed to discuss audio and video improvements to Crown of Life. Items include, new microphones, mounted screens, video streaming capabilities and more. If you are interested in more details talk to Lee McKinney
    • Safety for the congregation has been an ongoing topic we hope to address. Running through emergency procedures would be a great benefit to the safety of our congregation. 
    • Tentative date for a “Calling all leaders” meeting set for January 25th at 10:00. All are welcome to attend.