Living a Life of Significance

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps- Proverbs 16:9


“How does God want me to live out the rest of my life? More accurately, how have I been called to participate in God’s life?” If you can find out wouldn’t you want to know? Kurt Senske felt the need to explore what it meant and he ended up writing a book about it. “The Calling- living a Life of Significance.”  If you think about it more the questions keep on coming.

“How do I discern God’s plan for me? How might I multiply the talents God has entrusted to me in my family, work, community, and church roles? Sometimes the questions become less esoteric and more immediate. How do I pay the bills at the end of the month? How do I find a job that motivates and inspires? What should I major in at college? Why is my family life in such shambles? How do I live a life of meaning and significance? Belatedly, the realization hits us: perhaps we are not living the life God has created for us.”

This will be available for you to join starting Sunday March 8th at 10:00 in Bible Class. One of our goals is (1) How do I distinguish between God’s will and my own self interest, and are they ever the same, and (2) If I perceived His will correctly, would I have the courage to pursue it wholeheartedly? Those are two questions we will explore in light of God’s Word.


Manly significance

Are men losing their significance? There are many who are out there without direction and a very poor understanding of what it means to be a man. What makes up manliness and does that fall in line with what it means to be a Christian? We won’t talk about that here, but we will have a men’s meet up March 13th starting at 6:00 to discuss that more.

Join Group

“Man Up” is a book that will start the conversation.

Man Up! cuts through all the noise in the world and reveals what it is to be a real man. It isn’t about taking down feminists or reclaiming your rights as a man. It’s about living in the example and grace of Jesus.

Men in all stages of life will appreciate this refreshing perspective, whether you’re searching for footing in this crazy culture, seeking a godly relationship with your wife, or looking for guidance on raising children.


You can get it on amazon HERE