Next Steps


Victory in Christ is complete! Our life in Christ is not.

Still sinners, we have been given a perfect and holy life through Jesus’ blood. We now have the opportunity to live up to the life God gifted to us and experience the fullness of it.
Here’s a way we can take it one step at a time...

Worship Regularly

God comes to us in worship so that we might be built up in his kingdom. Worship builds us up in God’s kingdom. Joining fellow believers strengthens and encourages you. Make a weekly worship attendance your starting point!

Connect with God 

God has created a personal relationship with us through his Son Jesus. He wants you to know him more, and the more you do the greater you will find his love for you to be. The best way to connect is to daily read the Bible and pray.     

Live Differently

Flavored with God’s grace, our lives are radically different from the world’s. With Christ as our example we are called salt and light to a world bland and dark.

Serve Others

God has equipped you with skills and talents. Serving at church and in your community represents His kingdom. Service to others is service to God. 

Give Generously

All we have is given from God. He asks us to use what we have to share his love with the world through our offerings and service.


God brings us into his family and claims us as his own through water and his word. Baptism is a vital part of a Christian’s life and we follow his command to go baptize.

Start with One

The greatest act of love you can show toward a friend is to help that friend find Jesus. The best way to do that is to share Jesus’ story. Everyone knows someone who needs to know more.
If you’re not sure what your next step is, we would love to help find out.